Leventneuf, who???!!!


Hi Creatives, I make you a confession: I love interviews, I love doing them, I love being interviewed but they have never interviewed me! I have a great dream: to be interviewed by Gigi Marzullo!!! Here I said it. Gigi, please interview me!

PDF: Hi, what’s your name?

LVN: Hi, I am Leventneuf

PDF: At the registry office?

LVN: Elisa Campesato.

PDF: Why are you called Leventneuf?

LVN: Thanks for the question. I am in love with my name, it is a name that
moves me. I’ll explain everything here.

PDF: The mystery gets deeper…

LVN: There is a bit of mystery, if I revealed everything immediately how would
I manage to carry on the blog and the youtube channels?! By the way, I’m
waiting for you on my youtube channels Leventneuf_nft and Leventneuf.

PDF: So you have two youtube channels… I saw that you also have 12 or
more social accounts and 3 accounts only in Tiktok… sure are you not going

LVN: Ahahahahah No, for the moment everything is happily and consciously
out of control! I’m joking! I do all this because I love to do all this and I’m
working hard to improve the organization and the order…

PDF: Are you precise and fussy, by any chance?

LVN: Fussy definitely and from this point of view it is a nice flaw, it depends
on the context… but every day I struggle against my natural tendency to live

in disorder… It is a very hard fight, but in small steps I am improving myself…
I have to find a way to motivate myself to increase order in my life…

PDF: Do you know, right, that this is the first article of your blog?

LVN: Yesssss

PDF: Are you moved?
LVN: A lot!

PDF: Please, introduce yourself by…

LVN: I am an artist, a poet and I find meaning in life by helping others.
Basically I live with emotions, I live to feel them but above all to communicate
them. If I had to briefly describe myself on a character level, I would say that I
am a phoenix and that I have a great enthusiasm!

PDF: Distinctive signs?

LVN: A scar on the forehead in the upper left, other scars scattered, I have 5
cats and 5 dogs, I practice the gratitude every day that gives me a crazy
charge, I haven’t cut my hair for more than 8 years…

PDF: Have you not cut your hair for 8 years???!!! How long are they now?

LVN: About 1 meter! I am not cutting them now and I will not cut them for a
while… there is a reason behind all this… it is a gut choice, but a conscious
one. Rather I have a lot of split ends, do you want to see them??!!

PDF: Haha no, maybe another time!!! Is your hair your Linus blanket?

LVN: They are much more to me… I have dedicated more than one poem to

PDF: What’s your job?

LVN: I love.

PDF: Is “Loving” a job? Are you sure?

LVN: Yes, “Loving” is a job since it is at the same time the beginning,
the means, the end, the goal… Loving is everything for me, Loving is my

PDF: What do you love?

LVN: I love joy, creativity, art, poems, books, people, animals, nature, life,
PDF: Well pretty much everything……!

LVN: Unfortunately no, I can’t stand indifference, envy, wickedness,
violence, war, injustice and everything that comes with them…

PDF: Did I hit a sore spot?

LVN: Yes, but I don’t want to talk here and now about terrible and sad things
and I don't want to feel so sorry for anyone. Someday I’ll tell you about it
when I feel the time has come. Everything in its time. To explain how I think
about it, think of a rose bud: the rose flower appears at first with a bud, then
the bud slowly opens up to the world until it shines in a wonderful rose that
radiates light and beauty to everyone.

PDF: How many teachings come from Nature…

LVN: Nature is our teacher and we often don’t even notice it…

PDF: Why did you accept this interview?

LVN: To clarify…

PDF: About what?

LVN: About who I am and what I want in my heart.

PDF: Do you think you said that?

LVN: No! I tell you now: I wish the best for everyone, I wish everyone was
happy, healthy and in peace.

PDF: That said, doesn’t it sound a bit populist?

LVN: Being populist is not a bad word, and anyway if you were prejudiced
too, try to trust me.

PDF: Why?

LVN: Because I have a strong reason: to create and communicate emotions
to promote improvements in the world.
PDF: A catchphrase…

LVN: Ahahah, I don’t want to have an effect, I just want to do it with all…..

PDF: With what?!

LVN: With all the enthusiasm, courage and perseverance I am capable of…

PDF: And how are you going to do all this?

LVN: With facts and emotions through concrete actions and through NFT
works, artistic creations, poems, words and images here on the Blog, in
Tiktok, in YouTube and in my social channels.

PDF: What will you talk about here on the Blog?

LVN: In this blog I’m talking about joy and creativity because for me they
are closely connected and because a life without joy and creativity is not Life!
Trust me, in my heart there is a great desire to do good and to make all of this
in the reality.

PDF: Is there anything you would like to say to those who are reading you

LVN: Love as much as you can and try to forgive yourself for the mistakes
that weigh on your heart. You are strong, you are brave, you have overcome
many things, you will overcome this too and the light will shine in your heart.
Believe in yourself and you will succeed.

PDF: What do you recommend to be more creative?
LVN: I wrote a series of tips in this article, read it if you like. I anticipate that
the magic recipe for creativity is born thanks to the collaboration and
contribution of characters who know their stuff! Did I intrigue you enough?

PDF: Yeah… let me go find this article… hahaha

LVN: I couldn’t have a better Fantasy Character!

PDF: What a kiss ass! I’m joking! Thanks Leventneuf for this interview. See
you soon and good luck…

LVN: My pleasure! Thanks for the interview and thanks to you who are
reading me. A big hug, see you soon!

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