Why is creativity important?


Hi Creatives, creativity is crazy cool, but to be creative you need a special recipe that I tell you about in this article… To find this recipe I threw this question into the ether and the world answered me as always in a smart, effective and without beating around the bush because it knows we don’t want to waste time! I am happy to share this recipe with you, let me know in the comments, if you like, what do you think. I wish you the best, a hug.

In the dialogue below I am LVN (LeVentNeuf).

LVN: Hi Creatives, why is creativity important?

Wikipedia: Do you start like this without even presenting it?

LVN: Oh yeah, sorry you’re right. Please give me a short intro, thank you so much!

Wikipedia: Wait a minute while I drink my coffee…….

LVN: Of course, enjoy it!

Wikipedia: Mmmmm how good is… Ok, here I am! The word creativity begins to be used only around 1950, it derives from the verb create which derives from the Latin verb “creare” which…

LVN: Look, I’m already lost! Ahahah

Wikipedia: Yes, in short, the Latin form of “to create” and the Latin form of “to grow” share the same root KAR, in Sanskrit “KAR-TR” is “who makes” from nothing that is the creator. Creativity is therefore the cognitive capacity of the mind to create and invent.

LVN: Wiki, you are always a certainty! So with creativity everything becomes possible…

Alessandro Bruno: Much more… “Creating is meeting yourself in a secret room, full of light”.

LVN: I get a thrill… thanks… I couldn’t have found better words… that’s why when I create I feel alive, it’s as if a part of me reveals itself to the world… a part that I didn’t know before creation…

Laurence Fishburne: “People like you have to create. If you don’t do it, you risk bursting.”

LVN: Wow! I’m upset… how do you know me so well?!

Laurence Fishburne: You know how it is… your eyes speak!

LVN: It’s true, so many people have already told me that my eyes speak, but I didn’t think it was so obvious… but tell me please… creativity can arise anywhere and can we all be creatives every day?

John Updike: Sure, because “Creativity is just another name for normal activities. Any activity becomes creative when those, who carry it out, take care to do it well, or better”.

LVN: Great John! You have touched on some very important keys in my opinion: care, good, diligence and the will to do better. Long story short, how can we be Creatives and / or more Creatives?

Albert Einstein: Use your intelligence and have fun because: “Creativity is intelligence having fun”.

LVN: Albert, I love you! So to be creative in the magic recipe we have to add intelligence, fun, care in doing things well, the will to do better and then what? Can you think of anything else?

Henri Matisse: Add some courage… you have to get stuck in the quantity…. “Creativity takes courage”.

Adelina Dokja: Also add a lot of enthusiasm because without it you won’t go anywhere…

LVN: Do you know that I have noticed…?! I lost it for a long time, I let myself be shaped by a reality that disgusted me and I lost my enthusiasm…

Adelina Dokja: …and now this reality doesn’t make you sick anymore?!

LVN: No… that is, there are many things that seem terrible and unacceptable to me even if they exist and then there is also an infinity of Good that I see everywhere and this is what spurs me to do better and better… The Good is the blood that flow in my veins, it is my lymph, what I draw strength and energy from and which turns into enthusiasm day after day… Without enthusiasm I was dead, now thanks to enthusiasm I am back to life and I want to do my part in this world fighting for the values ​​I believe in.

Adelina Dokja: I believe in it and I am very sorry for you and for all those who live or have experienced a similar situation… “Enthusiasm is the greatest asset that a person possesses, it is the vital energy that stimulates ideas, it is the path to success. It represents the backbone around which we can move with freedom and creativity”.

Edwin Land: Excuse me, if I intrude… all good up to here… but you don’t have to be afraid of failing!!!

LVN: Noooooooooooo…

Edwin Land: Yessssss… it seemed easy this far, right??!! …but no……. I’m joking, as you know!!!! “An essential aspect of creativity is not to be afraid of failure”.

LVN: Thanks eh…. I’ve always had a fucking fear of failing and I have failed countless times but I’m still here… yeah… as you say great Vasco…

Vasco Rossi: “Run and fuck your pride, it ruined more people than oil… There was even a chance… Play it, play it, play it!”

LVN: Thanks Vasco, I’m playing it right here and now! And you? Anyway I love you all, but how much charge are you giving us?!

Harvey B. Mackay: You know how it is, we have experience in the field… and would you like to know another one? Here is “A bombproof way to stay creative: force yourself to learn something newevery day.

LVN: Harvey, you split!

Donald Woods Winnicott: We all agree, but where do you put the amazement?! Nobody talked about the amazement!!!

LVN: What?! Explain yourself better, thank you…

Donald Woods Winnicott: You can’t create if you don’t feel amazement  while creating… “The ability to still feel amazement is essential in the process of creativity”.

LVN: Look, you put a STILL which is very important!!! At this point I add two last secret ingredients for our magic recipe of creativity… Freedom and Emotion. In italian language Creativity (Creatività) rhymes with Freedom (Libertà) which rhymes with Truth (Verità).

Barack Obama: …and above all we must thinking that “Change will not happen if we wait for another person to arrive, or another time. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the change we were looking for”.

LVN: Sbam…. Sorry Barack, but with this sentence you knocked me out!!!

Bruno Scattolin: Since you passed out, I take a moment to speak to each of you creatives who love life and who challenge yourselves. “Create and contemplate the creature you have generated, whatever it is, beautiful or ugly, straight or crooked, whether you like it or dislike it. And most importantly, don’t allow others to interrupt your creative streak in any way. Each of you has the right to create your own life, regardless of the taste of others.”

LVN: Thanks Bruno, you moved me…. And thanks to all of you wonderful beings who manifested yourselves by giving us your precious time…

Albert Einstein: Hey, can I add one last thing?!

LVN: Sure, whatever you want!

Albert Einstein: “Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.”

LVN: That’s why I’m here. I wish you the best! I embrace you strong. See you soon.

(P.S. The dialogues are obviously pure fantasy, the quotes are given in quotation marks)

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